Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purpose and Benefits of Drill-into-Anything (DIA)

What’s in it for you to read this? In this blog you will learn what inspired us at MindStream Analytics to create this brand new source adapter for FDM. I will also show you a couple use case and as we are going along with them you will understand the benefits that Drill-into-Anything can offer to your organization. On March 10, I went to the Central States OAUG conference in St. Louis for a presentation about this topic. You can download the slide deck here (link)
A quite common scenario during the Financial Close processThe following example describes a scenario which is very common during the Financial Close (link to FCM) process. We are assuming that the latest GL and statistical information will be supplied in form of a flat file which IT extracts twice daily from the General Ledger system. The data will then be imported by a financial analyst into Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (link), mappings are being validated and the data will finally be loaded to Hyperion Financial Management (link) and consolidated. A few Financial Reports (link) are available via Hyperion Workspace (link) so the data can be reviewed by the responsible manager.
… will it ruin your day?Today is the last day of the Close Process, the quarterly reports are due to be released tomorrow. Everything went well and you are ready to leave and meet with your best friend who invited you to go to this great event you’ve been really looking forward to for a while. You’re just about to put your monitor to sleep when the phone rings. You find out that a regional manager is questioning the correctness of one of the reports. [What you are thinking right now is bleeped out in this blog.]
There’s something wrong – can you find it out? There is one number in the system that is incorrect, Accounts Receivable are missing $20K. This is “an extremely important transaction” (and the intensity of the manager’s voice underlines this – probably it’s related to a bonus paid if the results were $20K higher, but the transaction doesn’t even exist). Well, it’s kinda YOUR job to make sure the reports are 100% correct, so you better get started. MindStream’s Drill-into-Anything (DIA) Adapter extends the Drill-Through for Hyperion Systems all the way in the source system(s) – any source system. The systems are completely integrated.
Of course you can…You know how you can find it out: you ask for the exact intersection where the incorrect number was found and then you drill back with the manager, maybe get another analyst or accountant involved. Then you drill to the lowest level in the Financial Report and back into FDM. In there, you first review the maps of the transaction in question and if they are correct go further down to the source data which was imported.
…but how long will it take? The details within Hyperion are not sufficient to find the root cause for the discrepancy, so you will need to go back into the ledger system. The Accountant you asked for help has access to the source system, but unfortunately this exact system is the one which requires several transformation to get the source data into the format that is needed to load it to Hyperion (at least based on the process that your consultants implemented in the very last minute). Great, so you will even have to go through some spaghetti-like mappings logic. After collaborating with the whole team and even getting a helpful software developer involved, you are able to decipher the SQL code that leads to the intersections in the source system and you can log on and review the actual transactions which the incorrect number was comprised of. You are just a few clicks away from discovering the root cause of this discrepancy
Good news: the cause has been identified Looking at the transactions, the manager notices right away that reversing entries for 2 transactions of $6,400 and $13,600 have been entered. The intern must have misunderstood the directive! The accountant removes the entries. Now the data from the GL system can be reprocessed. Yes, you found this out with DIA – within a couple minutes
But how do we reprocess the data if we can’t wait until tomorrow As the data from the source system is being transferred to FDM via a flat file, we need to get IT involved – but they all went home already. The Service Level Agreement gives the on-call support rep 2 hours. Waiting around now, call your friend to cancel, maybe you can join the event for the last 10 minutes or so. Besides drill through, DIA also enables you to pull real-time data from your source system into FDM. Click 1 button instead of waiting on a new file.

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